Nothing changes until something moves. — Einstein

Training and Coaching in Presence, Embodiment and Leadership

To live is to move! Movement is our fundamental source of personal power and expression. It is one thing to have great ideas and thoughts, but only through our body and voice can we express what truly lives within us: we embody our message. In our daily professional lives we spend most of our time getting the content right. Research shows that a substantial part of our communication is nonverbal. I work with you on having your non-verbal communication congruent with your words.

I design Leadership programs or modules for programs around personal and leadership development, focussing on ‘presence’, communication and ‘embodied leadership’.
Individual Coaching is another possibility. My work can also take on a valuable supportive role in many forms of training and consulting; I relish working in collaboration with other professional trainers and consultants. Clients experience becoming more open, are aware of how they come across, and present 'in the moment'. The focus and intensity of the whole training will therefore be enhanced.

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