The human body is not an instrument to be used, but a realm of ones being to be experienced, explored and thereby educated. — Thomas Hanna

Individual coaching

I am available to be hired by either individuals, companies, or organisations when they have questions concerning: 

  • Presence: self-confidence, dealing with stress and nerves, presenting (themselves) more freely and feeling more at ease in front of others, public speaking, having impact, wanting to be seen and heard more, making contact.
  • Use of voice: breathing patterns, articulation, speed, volume and timing, daring to use vocal colour and variation.
  • Dynamic stability: Being able to find or restore balance in difficult situations. Being able to listen and take care of yourself.

I work in a movement studio. The focus of the work can be more on body, use of voice, breath or presentation, depending on your particular questions and requirements. In the end it comes down to gaining more confidence and increasing your personal presence, exploring your full potential and having more choice in your behaviour.